Are Dressing Gowns Popular In the UK? – (2022 Statistics)

People from the UK do love to feel cozy while they are staying home, but do they use dressing gowns? We recently did the research to find out if dressing gowns are popular in the UK. Maybe bathrobes are more popular? Dressing gowns and bathrobes are very popular but they are not exactly the same, and we will talk about the differences a bit later.

Dressing gowns get appreciated by people from all over the world, but right now we will focus on the UK. As you can see below there is a chart from Google trends based on the UK that clearly shows us that dressing gowns are getting popularity in the UK year over year.

Are Dressing Gowns Popular In the UK?
Are Dressing Gowns Popular In the UK?

The trendline is slowly getting up, and also those massive upward spikes are around December when we are looking for gifts for our families so that’s a totally normal thing to see, and it happens every single year.

Also from our own research and data we have gathered, we can easily say that people from the UK are getting interested in this topic more and more, due to some reasons, so if you want to know why it’s getting more popular stay with us.

Why dressing gowns are popular in the UK?

Living in Great Britain is awesome, the views are breathtaking and beautiful, but there are some negatives there like for example weather. The UK is a place on earth where the temperature is low, and also insulation of apartments is not at a high level.

This means that it is hard to make your home warm especially when it is cold outside. So what is the best option to solve this issue? Putting on a warm dressing gown.

Dressing gown won’t increase the temperature of your apartment but it will increase the temperature of your body which eventually give you similar results, and it is also way cheaper than paying for heather that works 24 hours per day.

What is the difference between a bathrobe and a dressing gown?

A lot of people have trouble deciding if what they are wearing is a bathrobe or a dressing gown. Let’s talk about the differences between a bathrobe and a dressing gown:

  • Popularity – Bathrobes are commonly recognized among people all over the world but dressing gowns are not very common. Sometimes people don’t know what a dressing gown is, especially when English is not their native language.
  • Fabrics – Bathrobes tend to be made from thicker materials like wool which is very likely to absorb water, but dressing gowns are not made in general from absorbent materials.
  • Style – Bathrobes are very thick which makes them warm, but they are not very long, and on the other hand, dressing gowns look very baggy. The loose style of dressing gowns makes them very comfortable, and also their designs can vary a lot from each other, but regular bathrobes are almost all similar.
  • PurposeBathrobes should be worn after taking a shower or bath, but dressing gowns were meant to be worn while doing a lot of different things around your home. Don’t limit yourself, so if you like to walk in a bathrobe all day then it is no problem!

That list will help you determine what you already have in your bathroom, so make sure to read our tips closely.

Is dressing gown popular in the USA?

We have talked a lot about the UK but what about the USA? Do people in the US wear dressing gowns? Fortunately, we also have data for that. So the United States is bigger than the United Kingdom so we have more data about it. Let’s take a look at the popularity chart from Google trends.

Are Dressing Gowns Popular In the USA?
Are Dressing Gowns Popular In the USA?

The periods for both charts, the USA chart, and the UK charts are exactly the same, they both start in 2004 and end in 2022, but as you can see, the USA chart of popularity is rising a bit quicker which means that people in the USA are more interested in dressing gowns than people from the UK.

What does dressing gown mean in British?

A dressing gown is very similar to a bathrobe but they are not exactly the same as we have mentioned above in the differences section. British people use dressing gowns mostly in winter and autumn when it is called outside.

A “dressing gown” is a combination of two words that even connected are not giving us a strict answer for what exactly to expect from that. And we think that it is the reason for the word “bathrobe” to be more commonly used in 2022 than the word “dressing robe”.

“Bathrobe” is an easy word to pronounce and even when we split it then it exactly tells us its purpose. To be precise when we split it into two words “bath” and “robe” it gives us a lot of hints of what its purpose can be.

Let’s summarize things up – Are Dressing Gowns Popular In the UK?

Dressing gowns are getting more popular over time since 2004 and even before that. There have not been any drastic falls in the trend line except for periods in December when we have Christmas and other similar events.

Bathrobes and dressing gowns are very useful, so it is natural for them to get more and more popular, and we highly recommend you to have one in your bathroom. If you would like to check out what benefits of having a dressing gown you will get then make sure to check out our new article “How to use a bathrobe? – (Most people do it wrong)“.

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