Can A Bathrobe Cool Me Down? – (Cooling Bathrobe)

We all have our own reasons for having a bathrobe, but most of us use it for warming up after a bath or using it as a daily outfit when it is cold outside, or as a normal pajama for sleeping. But if a bathrobe is mostly meant to increase our body temperature, we start to wonder if there are any bathrobes that will do the opposite. Do cooling bathrobes exist? Can a bathrobe cool me down? Are there any outfits that are able to cool me down? We will answer all of those questions and more so stay with us!

When the temperature in your apartment or home increases you start to look for potential opportunities to cool yourself a bit. Without AC it is hard to lower the temperature, that’s why we are here to help and do this easier, quicker, and way cheaper. Most bathrobes and robes are meant to increase your body temperature but in fact, there are robes that can cool down your body.

It is not easy to find a proper robe for hot days, but don’t worry because we will show you what you should look for. We did a lot of research on this topic so you don’t have to! Let us explain.

Do cooling robes exist?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a robe or a bathrobe because they both can cool you down on hot days. Bathrobes are meant to be worn after a bath but there are no problems if you would like to wear them as a daily outfit. We will use both terms “robe” and “bathrobe”, so don’t worry because we will have in mind the same thing.

Finding a cooling robe is not an easy task because malls, online shops, and any other types of shops are very unlikely to list something called a cooling robe that’s why you will have to put some effort into finding one. So you may ask “What should I look for while looking for a robe that will cool me down”, below we will explain in a detail.

How do I know that robe will cool me down?

The key to finding a bathrobe that will cool you down is the fabric that it is made of. Some materials are better at keeping you warm, and there is a bit of science behind it but for now, let’s get back to the fabrics.

For example, bathrobes that are made of wool will keep your body warm, so there must be a thing that will let your body cool down. There are unfortunately no magical fabrics that will take the heat from your body and let it outside, but there is a fabric called “satin” that will allow the air to flow freely which will make your body feel cool.

Can a bathrobe cool me down?
Can a bathrobe cool me down?

That fabric is called satin, which is perfect if you want a robe that is breathable and lightweight because those two things will let you stay cool. Also, a robe is great because you don’t need to wear underwear under your robe so it is another thing that will lower the temperature of your body.

Can a cooling bathrobe really cool me down?

Some materials are better at keeping you warm by isolating your body temperature from the temperature outside of your bathrobe. So let’s talk about the logic behind all of it.

Your body’s temperature should be around 98.6°F which is way more than the average temperature in any state of the US. For example in California summer’s average temperature is around 73°F so it is about 25°F lower than a normal person’s body temperature.

And why do we tell you all of that? Because you have to understand how clothes are making us feel warm. Clothes are some sort of isolation that holds our own body temperature only for us. Clothes don’t let our body temperature get outside so to keep it simple your own body is the biggest source of high temperature that you feel throughout the day.

So if you would have a robe that is breathable, thin, or not covering a lot of your body’s surface that is the right robe to keep your body cool. For example, sports clothes are almost all “breathable” which means that they allow the air to flow freely, and you can expect that robe made of satin or linen will make you feel cold.

Why we should avoid high temperatures at home?

Most people like it when it is hot outside but there are some cons to that as well. It was proven many times that when we are feeling too hot then our productivity drastically decreases, and we don’t have the strength to do important things like exercising or home duties.

Also when it is hot there are high chances for your skin to get burned from the sun, so you should use creams and lotions and cover your body parts, but when you are at home there won’t be a lot of sun shining that will point right at you unless you are working on your balcony or in the backyard.

High temperature also forces our bodies to cover up with sweat because that’s our bodies’ reaction to high temperature. Sweat can decrease your body’s temperature but if you don’t like to walk dirty and smelly then it will require you to take a bath a lot more often than you would when your body’s temperature would be normal.

In conclusion – Can a bathrobe cool me down?

It is possible for your bathrobe or even a normal robe to cool you down, and for that, you should look for a robe that is made of satin or linen because they are both very good choices in terms of good airflow.

Also If you are living alone or with your partner then when you are wearing a robe, make sure to not wear any underwear under your robe because that will also decrease your body’s temperature, and especially for that reason we have a great article “Should I Wear Underwear Under A Robe?“. So if you want to make sure that you can walk around your house in a robe but without underwear then we highly recommend you read this one.

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