Can I Sleep Wearing Kigurumi? – (Is Wearing Kigurumi Safe?)

Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives and also one of the most enjoyable ones. When you are getting tired after many hours of hard work, then the only thing that you are probably thinking about is to get back home and get a quick nap or a long and deep sleep in your own bed.

But what if your favorite thing to sleep in is not a normal pajama but rather something more comfortable like a bathrobe or Kigurumi? Is it safe to sleep while wearing a bathrobe? Can I sleep wearing Kigurumi? We will gladly explain it to you and provide some examples, so let’s jump right into it.

You can rest because you can sleep wearing Kigurumi without worrying about it too much, but there is a slight chance that can be difficult to overcome, so if you want to know about that slight possibility then make sure to keep reading.

Can I get tangled up while sleeping?

No matter what you prefer to sleep in there is, a small chance that you will get tangled up, but pajama will make it almost impossible for you to get tangled up.

Bathrobes have a belt that can get tangled up pretty easily if not tied correctly, and Kigurumi often has a hood that can also be dangerous for a person who sleeps in Kigurumi. The chances of you getting tangled up are pretty small but to understand what the real percentage of risk factors is you will have to do some math with us.

Can I sleep wearing Kigurumi?
Can I sleep wearing Kigurumi?

Sleeping is a thing that we do daily, so if you think about it then you can notice that throughout the year you are falling asleep at least 360 times, also adding small naps to it will make it around 500 times, and that number is representing only one year.

So as you can see if we multiply this number by how old you currently are, then the risk factor drastically increases. That’s simply how mathematics works that helps us measure the risk factor. So what can we do about it?

The real risk factor is way below 0.001% so you don’t need to be worried about it, but maybe you should be worried about wearing it while doing other things than sleeping?

Is Kigurumi safe to wear?

A lot of people do prefer to wear Kigurumi all day while they are staying at home, but sometimes you can see people in public wearing a Kigurumi which is also often called a onesie.

Kigurumi is often very baggy and they are low in the crotch which will make the risk factor of falling much higher. In terms of social aspects, you will notice some different looks which can result in someone approaching you eventually and talking something about your appearance so be prepared for that. Some will ask for a picture and even some will be laughing at it which is very sad to see but not unheard of.

Unfortunately, onesies are pretty easy to get dirty, because they are covering your whole body, and most materials that onesies are made of will get covered in dirt after a few minutes of walking.

If you would wear simple jeans then you will instantly notice a difference between those two most likely how fast they are getting dirty. Also wearing Kigurumi will make you more noticeable on the streets because it is very uncommon to see in public.

In conclusion – Can I sleep wearing Kigurumi?

Sleeping in a Kigurumi and also walking while wearing it is considered safe, and the potential risk is very minimal but it still does exist. Remember that Kigurumi is often called onesie but there is not much difference between those two, so don’t get confused if you hear one of those names.

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