Can I use Loreal shower gel as shampoo?

A lot of people in 2022 prefer to use tons of different lotions, balsams, gels, and shampoos, but I can bet that you have used at least once one of them for something that they were not meant to be used. Every person can do such a mistake, but there are a lot of questions related to this topic.

Here in this article, I will focus on one of the most popular shower gel brands, L’Oreal, and all of our answers will be related to this brand. From my research, I could find questions that people most often ask about, for example: Can you use Loreal shower gel as shampoo? Do many people use Loreal shower gel as shampoo? What are the consequences of using Loreal shower gel as shampoo? And many more.

But let’s get back to the main topic and say if you can use shower gel as shampoo. If you have Loreal shower gel then the answer will depend on what exactly your shower gel is, because there are many shower gels from Loreal, but in general, regular Loreal shower gel should not be used as a shampoo, but don’t change your behaviors just yet because I’m going to tell you why you should have a separate shampoo for your hair, and then you will be able to decide for yourself if it is worth doing it.

Let’s say a few words about the Loreal shampoo and shower gels to better understand why they are so popular in The US. Loreal is one of the most popular skincare brands in the United States. The company offers a wide range of products for all skin types, including cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and the most important for us here, shampoos and shower gels.

Loreal shower gels are formulated with both men and women in mind. Their gels contain invigorating ingredients that leave skin feeling refreshed and clean. L’Oreal shower gels are available in a variety of formulations to suit different needs and preferences. Many of their formulations also contain moisturizing agents to help keep skin hydrated. L’Oreal’s shower gels are a great way to start your day or refresh yourself after a workout, but are they good enough to be used as shampoo also? Let’s talk about it!

Should I not use shower gel as shampoo?

People don’t think about it very much but after understanding some details you will know why should use shower gel for your body and shampoo for your hair only. The consistency of shower gel and shampoo is almost identical, but they are composed of different ingredients because they have different purposes. To maintain proper hygiene we have to think about what we use on our bodies.

Can I use Loreal shower gel as shampoo?
Can I use Loreal shower gel as shampoo?

Shower gels and shampoos are two different things for a reason and that’s why their composition is different. You can use shower gel as shampoo, but unfortunately, shower gel won’t work as effectively as shampoo. It is identical if you would like to use shampoo as shower gel. And this statement also applies to brands such as L’Oreal. That’s why I can highly recommend you to have near your shower or bath a shampoo and shower gel.

What is the difference between shower gel and shampoo?

The shower gel is very useful because we can use it for almost any part of our body but unfortunately, it can be harmful to our hair that’s why we should use shampoo for it instead.

As another example, we can say that you should not use conditioner as a body lotion because it has a different purpose. Shower gel should be used to cleanse your skin, for example on your legs, arms, chest, neck, and back. When shower gel connects with water it lets cleanse away the dirt on your skin that you build up simply by walking and also shower gel excess bacteria and oil from your skin. A negative impact on your hair can be seen even if you use Loreal shower gel as shampoo.

On the other hand, shampoo is very effective when used on your hair, because in addition to shower gel it contains detergents that have specific condition molecules. Those molecules are positively charged chemicals that are easily attracted to your hair bulbs. When your shampoo touches the hair it will make it very easy to brush off all the oils, sweat, dirt, and dust from your hair.

The shampoo also makes your hair very soft due to the conditioners that are contained in the shampoo. Also, regular shampoo is less likely to irritate your eyes. Your eyes are more likely to sting when you use a shower gel instead of shampoo. Especially L’Oreal has most of its products that shouldn’t irritate your eyes.

Do many people use Loreal shower gel as shampoo?

Recently on my site, you could see a poll with questions specified for this article. I did that to ask you to have the data necessary for this article where I will tell you how many people use shower gel as shampoo.

The poll was based on three different questions the first one was “Do you use shower gel as shampoo?” This is a pretty obvious question for this statistic. The second question was about the person’s age because I wanted to separate the answers based on the age groups. The last question was about the brand of shower gel that people use, and in this case, I will give you the answers for the L’Oreal brand. The statistics are as follows.

How many people use Loreal shower gel as shampoo

Age groupPercentage of people who use shower gel as shampoo
Less than 18 years old81.9%
18 – 24 years old64.4%
25 – 34 years old34.8%
35 – 44 years old29.3%
45 – 54 years old19.2%
55 years old and more49.8%
How many people use Loreal shower gel as shampoo

Let’s explain a bit more and answer why there is a big disproportion between people who use shower gel in that way between people in different age groups.

At first, we can notice that a lot of younger people use Loreal shower gel as shampoo, and the most likely answer to that is that people at younger ages don’t care a lot about things that they use for their hygiene. Also, another reason can be that younger people are on average less wealthy, and sometimes they want to save a couple of dollars by using shower gel for every part of their bodies. And that’s why this number slowly decreases as people get older.

But in the last age group which is above 55 years old a lot of people started using Loreal shower gel as shampoo. In this case, I suspect that my second reason for being wealthy plays a big part. People who are above 55 years old are often less wealthy because they live on retirement so they also want to save some dollars. The number of people who do that is around 50% and it is related to how wealthy a group of people is.

Why do people use shower gel as shampoo?

Let’s summarize all the points from the above and say why people tend to avoid using shampoo and instead they prefer to use a shower gel for their whole body hygiene.

The main reasons list why people use shower gel as shampoo:

  • Using shower gel is cheaper – Often shower gels are cheaper than shampoo.
  • Simple laziness – When you want to take a quick shower then often you will grab what is near you and use it on your body.
  • Quicker shower – If you have to change a shampoo to a shower gel then your shower process will enlengthen. Using only shower gel for every part of your body makes your shower time very fast.
  • People don’t know the difference between shower gel and shampoo – Especially men don’t see any difference and they tend to use anything they have in their reach while taking a shower to clean their bodies.

What are the consequences of using Loreal shower gel as shampoo?

Loreal is one of those brands that try to protect its customers from any consequences. But sometimes using even Loreal shower gel as shampoo can have a negative impact on your hair.

The L’Oreal shampoo provides your hair and skin with hair bulbs with a ton of different supplements that are necessary to grow healthy hair and maintain a good condition of your hair. Shampoo makes your hair soft while making it stronger at the same time, which is great when you have problems with hair falling out.

All of those positive benefits can be lost when you will use a shower gel instead. Even if you will clean your hair with shower gel you won’t be able to clean the hair bulbs and other hard accessible parts as well as with shampoo. Also, your hair won’t be soft which will make it harder for you to comb your hair properly and make a great haircut.

You probably won’t see any changes after a few uses of shower gel but the longer you keep using the shower gel the more visible to consequences will be. So instead of using a L’Oreal shower gel as shampoo, we recommend you buy a L’Oreal shampoo product that is specialized for your hair. You can check my favorite shampoo from Loreal on amazon for dry hair. That shampoo contains hyaluronic serum to make your hair smooth and less dry.

Also if you have already used shower gel as a shampoo many times before then you will need something different that will repair your damaged hair and L’Oreal also have a solution for that. Loreal has a shampoo for both men and women which is great for damaged hair. That shampoo will make your hair stronger, and shinier!

Let’s summarize this up

Hygiene is not as easy and simple as it seems, but sometimes even a slight effort can make us more healthy, and in this case, it can improve our hair condition so if you struggle with hair loss or when you can find grey hair then you should check it you are not using something different than shampoo for your hair.

The longer you use something that should not be used on your hair the more consequences you will face, so make sure that you are using the right products for your body.

Sometimes a small change for example drying off before putting a bathrobe on can have a positive impact on your health overall, and if you want to improve your health then read more about that topic in this article “Should You Dry Yourself Off Before Wearing a Bathrobe?“.

If the information was not enough for you then we have a more general article about the consequences and benefits of using shower gel as shampoo and you can check it here “Can I use shower gel as shampoo? – (Is It Safe?)“.

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