Can I use shower gel as shampoo? – (Is It Safe?)

Shower gel and shampoo are both cleansing products that people often tend to use on their hair, but they are not the same. The shower gel has a different purpose and that is to clean the body and usually has a more moisturizing formula than shampoo. The shampoo is made specifically for the hair and is designed to cleanse the scalp and remove dirt, oil, and build-up. So, can you use shower gel as shampoo?

There are a lot of different brands that produce shower gels, which means that every product is different, but the general purpose is still the same. You can use shower gel as shampoo, but using it for a long period for your hair can negatively affect your hair condition. I highly recommend you use shampoo for your hair to improve its condition.

Why shower gel is bad for my hair?

Shower gels and shampoos are made for different purposes so using shower gel as shampoo will have a worse effect in terms of cleaning your hair and will provide your hair with fewer vitamins and fewer ingredients designed specially for hair.

Can I use shower gel as shampoo?
Can I use shower gel as shampoo?

Also, shower gels tend to have a pH of around 6 and shampoos are typically between 4 and 6 which means that using shower gel can have a negative effect on the pH balance. It eventually can lead to red skin, itchy scalp, rashes, and even slight hair loss.

Should I have shower gel and shampoo?

Many popular brands have created shower gels that simply call themselves something that can be used as a shower gel and also as a shampoo, that’s why I decided to take a deeper look into that. A lot of companies use different products for men and women, so it’s not often possible to specially enhanced shower gel as shampoo.

They separate products because men would like to have a product that’s suited for everything, and women are more likely going to enjoy something that’s designed only for one thing. That issue is related to our human nature, and companies do know about it, and they are using it very well. It’s not a bad thing if they are doing it to make the best products for their customers. It would be nice to have one product for all but it won’t be as effective as having a product specially designed for one body part, like hair for example.

So I tried out many different products for both women and men and here I will give you our top picks. For men, I have found a great product that is suited to be used on the body, face, and also on hair which makes it 3 in 1 product – It’s called Every Man Jack and after a few weeks of testing, I can highly recommend it. It is perfect to cleanse and nourish skin and hair with naturally derived soy proteins, aloe, and cedar.

The scent is great and very attractive to women, but you don’t have to believe me because there are tons of positive reviews on amazon so make sure to check Every Man Jack. Unfortunately for women, I couldn’t find a product that could be used as a shampoo and shower gel at the same time, so for women, I recommend using those two separately. From my weeks of testing, I can recommend for women a great shampoo from WOW Skin Science with coconut milk, that made my hair very soft, and full of color, also the scent is great!

Are there any consequences of using a shower gel as shampoo?

The consequences are one of the most important factors of changing our current hygiene products. In this case unfortunately using shower gel that is not suited for our hair can have a negative impact on their health. That’s why we have prepared a special list of consequences and benefits of using one of the most popular shower gel brands in the US:

In each of the articles above we explained in detail what you should expect, so check out what you are currently using while you are taking a shower and check out its benefits and consequences.

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