Do Cats Wear Bathrobes? – (Is It Popular?)

Some pet owners often tend to think about how they can improve the lives of their favorite cat or dog. There are special treats for animals to make them happier instantly, and even in 2022 you can find a lot of weird things to eat and drink for your pet, like beer, or jellies, but note that those things must be suited for your pet. You can find a lot of those things online to buy, but what if you want to dress up your cat or dog in something cute, like for example a bathrobe. Do cats wear bathrobes? Is it popular to dress up a cat in a bathrobe? Those and many other questions we will answer in this article.

For now, we will focus mainly on cats, and their owners to provide you with the simplest possible answer. Yes, cats do wear bathrobes but there are only a few species that are able to wear them. Also, some people don’t know that bathrobes for pets do exist, but there are plenty of them online. If you want to learn more about those species then stay with us, we will tell you if your cat can wear a bathrobe.

Can my cat wear a bathrobe?

You have to understand that cat species are different from each other, and those differences will determine are the key to understanding what your cat needs. The main aspects that we should think of before buying a bathrobe for our cat are what fur our cat has and what temperature you have inside your home.

Your cat will probably wear a bathrobe while being home and not outside. If your cat has long hair then it can be too warm for him or her to wear anything else other than fur. Also, there are cat breeds that are hairless which makes them even better suited to wear bathrobes.

Shorthair cat breeds are able to wear bathrobes because they won’t make them feel too warm, especially if your home temperature is below average. Cat breeds that are able to wear bathrobes:

  • Sphynx
  • Bambino
  • Minskin
  • Peterbald
  • Donskoy
  • Dwelf
  • Lykoi
  • Rex

Remember that you can’t force your cat to wear anything if he or she obviously doesn’t like it. So if you have noticed that your cat is trying to take it off, then don’t force him or her to wear it.

Do cats wear bathrobes?
Do cats wear bathrobes?

Is it popular to dress up a pet in a bathrobe?

In 2022 there are a lot of influencers who are posting pictures of their lovely pets wearing bathrobes online on multiple social media like Instagram TikTok. That’s because their audience finds it cute to watch.

If their audience likes it then they want to try it out on their own pets and that’s how the trend keeps getting popular. As you can see on a Google trends picture below, the trend is going upwards in 2022. Not that this trend is not only designed for one type of home pet, but rather for dogs, cats, and even hamsters!

Is it popular to dress up a pet in a bathrobe?
Is it popular to dress up a pet in a bathrobe?

In conclusion – Do cats wear bathrobes?

There are a lot of types of clothes that were designed for cats and any other home pets, but be aware that your pet may not like them, and you should not force him or her to wear them. Also, you can’t blame your pet for not liking it because animals are guided mostly but instinct and needs, and if your pet feels like wearing it will be a problem for him or her then you should accept it.

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