Do Guys Find Women In Bathrobes Attractive?

Bathrobes are often worn in the evenings when you are past your job time, and all of your home duties are done, then it is finally time to change into your bathrobe and lay down on your couch or bed and watch Netflix with your partner, but the real question is Do guys find women in bathrobes attractive? What if your boyfriend or any other guy who you will meet in the evening will be disappointed in your outfit? That’s why we are here to help you and tell you what’s necessary for you to make a final decision.

Every man has his own preferences but from a general perspective we have to say that less than half of the men do like it when a woman is wearing a bathrobe, but there is also a big percentage who like it. So how you can be sure if your boyfriend is going to like it? There are some signs that will point you in the right direction, also you will know how big of a chance it is that he will dislike your bathrobe.

What is the chance my boyfriend finds me wearing a bathrobe attractive?

According to our research and our experience unfortunately there are a lot of men who prefer other outfits for their girlfriends on a romantic evening rather than a bathrobe. More than 50% of men would prefer something more attractive, like a red dress with pantyhose.

The best way to find out if your boyfriend finds you wearing a bathrobe attractive is to ask him about it, but what if you are afraid of asking him that question. If you don’t want to ask him directly then you need to watch out for how he reacts whenever he sees you in a robe.

You have to watch out for small changes in his action, like cuddling, watching at you, smiling, and even things he says about your look at that time is important, so when he’s doing those things more often than he is doing it when you wear a pajama or any other outfit in the evening, then that can be a good sign.

Are bathrobes not attractive?

Unfortunately, we have to say that bathrobes, in general, are not attractive. Bathrobes tend to be baggy and loose and those aspects will hide your precious curves from others.

No one will be able to see you or how you look under a robe like they can while you are wearing leggings or skinny jeans. Also, bathrobes tend to be long which also hides your legs.

There is one positive thing about bathrobes in terms of attractiveness. That thing is called “imagination”, a lot of men think that women tend to not wear anything under their robe, and that’s why the imagination starts to work, but if you want to know more about it then check out this article about “Should I Wear Underwear Under A Robe?

How to be more attractive in the evening?

A bathrobe covers almost all of your body, but not the most important one which is your face, that’s why putting makeup on can be a very good option if you want to be more attractive while wearing a bathrobe, or you can try to gain some muscle mass to look more fit. Also, don’t forget about taking care of your nails.

Do guys find women in bathrobes attractive?
Do guys find women in bathrobes attractive?

There is also a second why that we have mentioned already which is your boyfriend’s imagination. You can try to be more flirty because that will stimulate his imagination. Only you know what he likes so try to use that at that moment in the evening.

In conclusion – Do guys find women in bathrobes attractive?

Every case is very different that’s why you should ask your boyfriend about his preferences because there is no simple answer to that question and the percentage of likes and dislikes is almost equal, with a small advantage of guys who would prefer something else for their girlfriend than a bathrobe for a romantic evening.

There are a lot of men who find women in bathrobes attractive so don’t worry about it and use our tips to find out if your boyfriend also will like it. Guys have mixed opinion about girls wearing bathrobes, but there is a lot of them who also are willing to wear bathrobes, and if you want to know more then check out this article with studies about “Do Men Wear Bathrobes? – (Is This Popular?)“.

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