Do Men Wear Bathrobes? – (Is This Popular?)

In 2022 we have a lot of ways we can inspire our look, like social media for example. The most trendy right now is TikTok, and Instagram and they are the sources of new trends so other people can see what’s popular. There is a lot of fashion channel which will give you inspiration, but what if you can find there what you are looking for, because your question is very narrow like for example “Do men wear bathrobes?” Then don’t worry because we did the research and studies to give you the best possible answer.

Recently on our platform, you could notice a poll where we asked about the popularity of bathrobes among men and women. We added our results to the results we have found on the internet and we came to the conclusion that a lot of men do wear bathrobes while home, but there is a lot less of them than women, but why is that? What is the exact percentage, and how popular they are? If you want to know the answers then keep reading.

How popular are bathrobes among men?

According to our research, we could find at least 10 popular channels/profiles that promote wearing bathrobes by men. We only focused on profiles that did promote bathrobes in 2021 or 2022 to make our results more accurate.

But the data we have from our research wasn’t enough that’s why we’ve decided to create our own poll to ask our readers about the gender and preferences of wearing robes especially to summarize them all here in this article.

From our poll we can see that: About 38% who are wearing robes are men that wear bathrobes at home which makes 62% who are wearing bathrobes at home are women.

That is very surprising because a lot of men think that wearing a bathrobe as men is not very common, but our poll states otherwise. If you will try to type into search on TikTok or Instagram term “men bathrobes” there will be a decent chank of content related to them.

Do women think that men wearing bathrobes are attractive?

There is a lot more content related to “women bathrobes” rather than “men bathrobes” which means that we can easier get information about women’s preferences about men.

Do men wear bathrobes?
Do men wear bathrobes?

From our research, we can tell that most women like it when a man is able to admit that he wears a bathrobe at home. The exact numbers are a bit unclear because we didn’t poll about that and there is no specific data about this topic, but from what we could see on the forums and sites, we can confirm that men should not hide it from their girlfriends because most of them consider it cute.

So if you are a man who is avoiding bathrobes because you think that they look silly then know that statement is false according to women’s opinion and also according to how many men wear them.

Also, women most often said that when a man wears a bathrobe then he looks like a big plush toy to cuddle, which sometimes is preferred by men, especially when their girlfriends are sad or angry.

In summary – Do men wear bathrobes?

It is hard to tell the exact numbers, but from our research and the poll that we have created recently, we can easily say that there is a lot of men. Note that you are most likely going to wear a robe while being home, so there will be no one to judge you.

There is a chance that you are living with family right now, but you should not be worried about their opinion either, because they are most likely just smiling about it.

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