Do Robes Look Silly? – (5 Facts About Robes You Didn’t Know)

Maybe you have seen that when someone wears a robe people around that person start to smile and laugh, maybe it is not very common in our daily life, but it is often the case in the movies. Many different creations of culture try to show us that robes look silly, especially in 2022 things like comedy movies or memes. That’s why we have decided to talk about it more and once and for all debunk this myth that “Robes look silly”, also we will tell you 5 facts about robes that you don’t already know, so let’s start with answering the main topic question.

If you think that robes look silly you have to know that this point of view is skewed by surrounding us culture, like memes or comedy movies, where a person walks outside his home wearing a robe, and the robe falls off somehow revealing his underwear which is a very typical and common comedic thing.

The statement that robes look silly is based on our culture and we should not think about it as something common. It is very similar to “Slip on a banana peel” which is also a very old comedic thing but in reality, we should be worried if a person that has slipped is alright and need medical help.

Should I be ashamed of my robe?

People tend to think about it this way, so they won’t walk outside wearing only a robe and slippers but that is totally fine. There can be an unpleasant incident but the chances for it are very small.

So if you think that your belt will untie and it will reveal your body to the public then you have to know that it probably won’t happen, unless you are a very unlucky person, but rather than thinking about it, tie harder your belt to prevent any silly incidents and get over that fear!

There are some robes that look a bit weird like for example those that have cat ears, or their colors are just a bit off, but most of the robes are totally neutral and they are totally fine for others to see.

Bathrobes have become more popular in 2022

Bathrobes are great and there is not a lot of people who will deny it, but people are slowly noticing the benefits of wearing bathrobes. Especially since 2020 when we have been locked in our houses, a lot of people started to look for the best possible outfit to wear while doing home duties, or working.

The most possible outfit to wear at your home is a bathrobe because it is very cozy, fluffy, and warm, so no matter the temperature and how uncomfortable your chair is, the robe will make your time at home better.

Those and many other reasons made people realize how much they need another bathrobe and to prove our point we have asked our good friend google about this topic. Using google trends we have checked the trend and in 2022 it is well above the normal levels, as you can see below.

Robes popularity statistics
Robes popularity statistics

Bathrobes are great for treating sickness

Maybe you didn’t know about it but when you are sick, increasing your body’s temperature will help cure most of the infections. That’s also why when you have the flu your body’s temperature rises because it helps quickly get rid of your sickness.

Laying in your bed under a thick duvet will increase your body’s temperature, so also wearing a warm bathrobe will help you.

Men also tend to wear Robes

Men are often laughed at when they mention that they like wearing robes because it is considered a “girly thing” but in reality, there is a lot of robes crafted especially for men which means that men also wear robes.

Robes are getting popular in winter

As we have mentioned above the robes and especially bathrobes are great in terms of increasing body temperature which means that people are more likely will think about them in winter rather than in summer.

Do Robes Look Silly?
Do Robes Look Silly?

A robe is a great idea for a Christmas gift or for any other occasion because there are not a lot of sizing issues. You won’t need to know the proper size of a person due to the fact that robes tend to be loose. Also, it can be very cheap. Some robes you can buy for about 10 USD so don’t worry about your budget.

In summary – Do robes look silly?

Robes are commonly known for appearing in comedic aspects of our culture but they are totally fine to wear in your house or even while walking in your garden. Some people even do exercises in them.

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