Should You Dry Yourself Off Before Wearing a Bathrobe?

Not a lot of people do think about it, but there are some complex choices we have to make on a daily basis while doing basic stuff for example while we brush our teeth, clean dishes, or like in this case after taking a shower. It’s good to ask about simple things because that’s how we can improve, and “Should you dry yourself off before wearing a bathrobe” is one of those questions that can make your life easier in the future, so let’s talk about it more!

It should be an easy choice but it’s rather complex, but to make it simple and don’t waste your time we will get into details a bit later, and for now, you have to know that wearing a bathrobe without drying off can be unsafe due to increased chances of slipping, but there are also some other minor reasons why you should dry off, so let’s talk about them.

What are the consequences of not drying off before putting clothes on?

After taking a shower or bath, our bodies get wet, especially hairy parts of our bodies like legs and head. Hair is way harder to dry off rather than your bare skin, also the amount of water that your hair will be holding is greater.

So when you go out of the cabin or the bath our bodies still have a lot of water on them, which is most likely poured on the floor underneath your feet. Some of us don’t know that but water is very slippery because it lowers the amount of friction between our skin and the floor.

It is a myth that only old people slip on the wet floor and end up breaking bones because that can happen to people at every age and end up badly. The slip on the wet floor is a pretty common issue in the US, so we help you prevent that.

A smooth floor made of tiles can be very slippery, and it is the most common type of floor that someone can have in their bathroom, because it keeps the water stay on it, unlike the wood that could soak it which will end up appearing mold all over your bathroom. That’s why tiles are the best option for your bathroom floor, even tho they can be unsafe.

While you are wet your body’s temperature will drastically decrease, that’s why you feel cold if you are not dry enough. That can lead you to sicknesses or the common flu. Also if you don’t like being cold you should dry off yourself perfectly.

Are bathrobes good for putting in on a wet body?

If you put a bathrobe on your wet body that will help you a bit in terms of drying off but the bathrobe will soak all the water, which will lead to you wearing a wet bathrobe. That means that you will feel cold while wearing it.

A good solution is to use a towel to dry off yourself a bit, and then put a bathrobe on to let your body increase its temperature faster. A wet bathrobe will take longer to dry off than your body, and can stink after a few tries so avoid doing that.

How it is likely to slip on a wet floor?

The lower the friction is the higher the chances are to slip, so it depends on the texture of your floor, and if you are wearing slippers or not. In 2011 CDC report has shown us that more than 80 percent of injuries that happened in the bathroom were caused by slips and falls, shortly after getting out or in the shower or the tub.

Also from this report, we can see that 30 percent of those injuries were things like bruises, cuts, and scrapes. This percentage was more common in older patients and women.

How to make it safe while coming out of the shower?

If you want to minimalize the chances of potential injury you should prepare a towel before taking a shower or bath to be within the range of your reach. While still in the tub or in the shower you should dry off your whole body, also don’t forget about drying off your feet, because that’s the main reason for potential slip, and also people tend to forget about it.

Should you dry yourself off before wearing a bathrobe?
Should you dry yourself off before wearing a bathrobe?

You can use bathroom rugs to prevent falling because they are making your flat floor something that can increase the amount of friction, so you won’t slip that easily.

Important thing is that people tend to wear slippers on a wet floor which will drastically increase the chances of a slip, so avoid doing that, unless your slippers are more like pool flip-flops that are meant to prevent that.

In summary – Should you dry yourself off before wearing a bathrobe?

There is a chance of slipping on your wet floor if you don’t dry off yourself properly, so try to use a towel before stepping on your floor, and after that, you can put on your bathrobe to make yourself warm quicker.

Bathrobes are great in terms of keeping our bodies warm, and we highly recommend using them after you dry off to not catch the common flu. If you want to know how trendy and popular bathrobes are in 2022 make sure to check out our new article about “Do Guys Find Women In Bathrobes Attractive?“.

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