How Many Bathrobes Do I Need?

People who like coziness in their lives often do look for ways to make their regular daily more comfortable, but willingness alone is not enough to improve the quality of their lives. You need to look for special methods and tools that will make you more relaxed and spend more of your free time in comfort.

We do love to talk about things that are related to the bathroom which is often the most comfortable place in your entire apartment or home. And what outfit in your bathroom is the most comfortable one? The answer is your bathrobe! But here comes the hardest part which is to decide how many bathrobes do you need?

You may ask why do I need many bathrobes? But the answer is a bit complex because you should use specific bathrobes for different things to make yourself more comfortable. In general 3 or 4 bathrobes should be enough for anyone. If you think about “But should they be different?”, “Why do I need many bathrobes?”, “What type of bathrobes should I have?” Then we will explain it to you in a detail, so let’s talk about it.

How many bathrobes do I need?

Why do I need many bathrobes?

Almost every bathrobe is different and also they are designed for other purposes. So as you can notice the number of bathrobes you need is strictly related to the number of your needs. That’s why we have prepared some examples of what you can need for your bathrobes and that will let you decide how many of them you need.

Here are the most common purposes for which you can wear a bathrobe:

  • After having a bath or shower you need a bathrobe – You will only need 1 bathrobe when you use it only after a shower or bath because you will be able to wash it fast enough before taking another bath or shower. You can also wash it after multiple showers but more on that here “Can My Robe Shrink In A Washing Machine?“.
  • Bathrobe as a thing to wear while you are working – Many people wear bathrobes while working remotely. Many jobs in 2022 let you do that and it is becoming more common every day. Unfortunately, if you will be wearing a bathrobe for your work then you need at least 2 bathrobes in your wardrobe because after a long day you should wash one and have a spare one to wear in the meantime.
  • A bathrobe when you are visiting a sauna or SPA – Bringing a bathrobe for a SPA or sauna is nothing unusual, and for that reason, you will need only 1 bathrobe.
  • Wearing a bathrobe to sleep in – People tend to sleep on average 8 hours per day, and that will force you to have at least 2 bathrobes because you need to wash one of your robes and have a spare one to sleep in while the other is drying. You can also buy a normal robe for sleeping which will let you have only one for that purpose but more on that in this article “What Is Better, Robe Or Pajama? – (Make Your Sleep Deeper)“.
  • Bathrobe for doing daily home duties or slacking off – It is great to read a book while wearing a bathrobe because that adds that special feeling of coziness. For that reason, you need one bathrobe but you need to think about how often do you slack off and do random home duties, because if you don’t have much time for that then one bathrobe should be enough, and if you do that very often then you should increase that number.

The above cheatsheet should help you decide on how many bathrobes you need to have in your wardrobe. Note that you should add those numbers because you should not mix bathrobes that are meant for different purposes.

For example, you should not bring a bathrobe to the SPA that you regularly use as a pajama to sleep in, because it is unsanitary and people can notice that this bathrobe should not be here.

What bathrobes should I have?

You should sit down and think about what you do on a regular basis, things that you often wear a bathrobe for. But don’t worry if you can’t think about those activities because we have prepared some basic questions that will let you know what you can use the bathrobe for:

  • Working from home
  • After a shower or bath
  • As a daily outfit for slacking off or doing home duties
  • As an outfit to wear in public
  • As a pajama for sleeping
  • Bathrobe to take for a swimming pool, SPA, or sauna
  • Bathrobe for guests of your house

Those are the most common uses of bathrobes so they should guide in terms of bathrobes’ potential uses. So when you know what your needs are then you should think of specific bathrobes that will fulfill those needs.

For example, if you need a bathrobe for guests then you should buy a plain bathrobe in medium size to suit most of the possible people that could visit you. If you know who from your friends or family will most often use it then try to pick the right size and color for that person.

Another example can be a bathrobe for sleeping, if you like don’t like high temperatures while sleeping then you should buy a robe that is thin, and not made out of fluffy materials, because that will raise your temperature while sleeping.

So try to be creative and think about what you like. Most of the time focus on the temperature and the look of your bathrobe because you don’t want to wear your funny robe while you are welcoming guests.

In Summary – How many bathrobes do I need?

The specific number of bathrobes you need to have is strictly correlated with the things that you need them for. Some people use bathrobes only after getting out of the shower so they need only one, but if you on top of that also use a bathrobe as an outfit to work remotely then we would highly suggest you have at least 3 bathrobes and wash them off regularly.

If you would like to know more about bathrobes and what people are using them for then we can recommend you check out our new article “How to use a bathrobe? – (Most people do it wrong)“.

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