How to use a bathrobe? – (Most people do it wrong)

Have you ever been wondering if you could wear a bathrobe in the wrong way or use it for different purposes? According to our research, a lot of people don’t exactly know what are bathrobes meant to be, but they are wearing them because they are comfortable. So if you are not sure how to use a bathrobe then don’t worry because we will explain it all to you, and point out some tips to make it more comfortable.

The main and original purpose of bathrobe was to wear them after taking a shower or bath to make your body increase its body temperature, but as we all know people in 2022 are using them for many other purposes. In this article, we will explain what you could use it for and what you should avoid because sometimes it can be unhealthy for your body and you can damage your bathrobe.

How should I use a bathrobe?

Bathrobes are pretty simple, but to make it clear it is basically a normal robe but made especially for people to raise the temperature of their bodies after a bath or shower, that’s why it is called a bathrobe. So they are only slightly different from a normal type of robe.

People tend to use bathrobes for a lot of purposes while they are staying at home or even sometimes when they are in public. The bathrobe should be hung in your bathroom to make it easier to reach after a bath or shower.

So when you think that it is time to get out of your bathtub or shower then you should use a towel to dry off yourself a bit, and only after that, you should put a bathrobe on to increase your body’s temperature.

When you get out of the shower then your body is still wet, and that water on your body is taking away the heat from your body that is why you feel cold quickly after your shower, so it is important to use a towel quickly and put something that will make your body feel warm again which can be a bathrobe.

After a small talk about the usage of bathrobes let’s talk about what you should avoid, and why you should avoid those things in terms of bathrobe usage.

How should I not use a bathrobe?

There are many small mistakes but the most common mistake is to put on a bathrobe on your body while it is still wet. People should use a towel before wearing a bathrobe because it can’t be a substitute for drying off with a towel.

Of course, if you will put a bathrobe on before drying off with a towel then it will also make you dry after some time, but it will also make your bathrobe dry because it will absorb the water that was still on your body. Almost all pieces of clothing will react in that way, so there is nothing unusual about it, but there is a small catch.

How to use a bathrobe?
How to use a bathrobe?

If you will do that a few times then your bathrobe will start to stink and even can start to rot at some point. Because organic materials are prone to rot while connecting with water and heat which are both pretty common things while wearing a bathrobe.

As we all know smelling rotten things can be harmful to our bodies, and we should avoid it as much as we can. So it is important to wash off your bathrobe according to our guidelines in the article “Should You Wear A Robe All Day?“.

What should I use my bathrobe for?

People are very creative when it comes to improving their home life quality, as we could see in the past 2 years of staying at home or even working from home. So let’s point out what people can use their bathrobes for:

  • Working from home in a bathrobe – Bathrobes are very comfortable so desk jobs are easier if you are doing them while wearing a bathrobe.
  • Staying warm using a bathrobe – If it is cold in your home then you can wear a bathrobe to keep your body warm. Combine it with your casual sweat pants and you can forget about turning your heater on.
  • Bathrobe as a pajama for sleep – A lot of people don’t use pajamas for their bedtime, some sleep in underwear and some in bathrobes, and for that, we have a great article “What Is Better, Robe Or Pajama? – (Make Your Sleep Deeper)“.
  • Bathrobe for baths and showers – As we have mentioned before you can use your bathrobe after taking a shower or a bath to stay warm.
  • Casual daily outfit – Some people prefer wearing a bathrobe on a daily basis, and also for that reason we have a great article “Should You Wear A Robe All Day? – (Is This Normal?)“.

In conclusion – How to use a bathrobe?

You don’t need to feel limited in terms of using a bathrobe, because we can’t force you to do things in a different way you are currently used to, but be aware of the consequences that we have already mentioned above.

If you like sleeping while wearing a bathrobe or you tend to use it for working from home, then know that there is nothing wrong with it, but you should keep it clean, and for that make sure to check out our article “Can My Robe Shrink In A Washing Machine?“.

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