Is Bathtub Water Safe To Drink? – (What To Do If I Did?)

There are literally millions of people who will be having a bath tonight, some will be alone and some will prefer a romantic bath with a loved one. No matter if your goal is to spend time comfortably or just to clean your body after a long day, there is a chance still that you could accidentally drink some of your bathtub water. Of course, we are not doing it on purpose, but is it safe? What should you do If I accidentally drink bathtub water? We will tell you what to do in that situation and explain a few things, so stay with us.

Bathtub water is regular tap water that is often not suited for us to drink because the chemicals that are already mixed in it can be bad for our organisms like chlorine and many more that we will talk about later on. Also, the bathtub water is worse than normal tap water because it has a lot of other things that we ourselves added to enjoy our bath more, also things that were on our body will make it worse, but don’t worry because we will explain it all in a detail.

Why I should not drink bathtub water?

Bathtub water contains all the chemicals that contain tap water which is not very dangerous to drink, but it is only a small percentage of the overall problem. With every single minute, there are thousands of micro-objects that are falling into your bathtub, which will connect with the water that’s in it already.

A bathtub is not covered from above so there are a lot of objects that call fall into it. Those objects are most often called just “dust” but that has a lot of bacteria on them. Dust is only a small portion of this problem because there are 2 more important issues.

Chemicals that you pour into your bathtub to make some bubbles, things as shampoo, or soap, are the things that you should avoid drinking, but a small portion of it will get into your organism if you accidentally drink some of your bathtub water.

The most dangerous thing is your own body because if you did drink some of your bathtub water that means that you are already bathing in that water, which means that all the things that you had on your body will get mixed with that water.

Is bathtub water safe to drink?

Before taking a bath your body could be covered in any type of dirt, but enough about potential risks, let’s talk about things that you should focus on right now.

What to do if I drank bathtub water?

If you accidentally drank some of the water from your bathtub, you will have to think about how much exactly did you drink? Because a small amount of it won’t do anything to your body. So if you manage to take a half sip then you should be fine and you don’t need to be worried about it.

But if you, unfortunately, drink more than 2 big sips then you should prepare for what’s coming. The most often problem after drinking bathtub water will be normal diarrhea. Diarrhea after drinking bathtub water won’t come quickly and you will have to wait a couple of hours for it to happen.

Also, another problem can be stomach aches to come with it. Your body will start to look for potential options to remove toxins, and if it won’t be enough for you to puke then your body will try to remove them in the form of diarrhea.

Can I drink tap water?

Have you ever been drinking tap water from any faucet? It is nothing uncommon to see because some people have done it since they were little, so that would let their bodies adapt to drinking tap water.

If you have never done that then your body can react with stomach aches and even diarrhea. Of course, tap water is not always the same everywhere because its composition can be different.

In the US there is an organization called EPA which is responsible for checking public water, and if it is safe for people, but if you own your own well then you should test it to check if your water is safe for your body, it can be good enough to drink but make sure to test it before drinking.

You can test it yourself by buying special tools for it or hire someone who is more experienced. You will be testing your water for nitrates and coliform bacteria.

Let’s summarize this up – Is bathtub water safe to drink?

As we have stated above, your tap water is not safe to drink and you should avoid drinking that, but even if you accidentally did drink a sip then you don’t need to be worried because your body has a lot of mechanisms to protect you from outside toxins.

If you drank more than 2 sips then you can expect diarrhea so be prepared for that, but if not then you can put on your favorite bathrobe and enjoy the rest of your day and your body will do everything for you. If you want to know more is hygiene in the bathroom then you should check out our new article “Red Skin After Wearing A Robe – What Should I Do?“.

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