Is Kigurumi Better Than A Bathrobe? – What Do People Prefer?

People who are interested in Japanese culture probably heard something about Kigurumi. To make it simple you can think of a Kigurumi as something similar but a more covering version of a regular bathrobe, don’t worry if you don’t know fully understand what Kigurumi is because we will explain it in detail later on, but for now let’s talk about the comparison of those two, to be precise “Is Kigurumi better than a bathrobe?” Let’s find out!

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple because both of them have some advantages and disadvantages. What is better will be determined by your point of view and what your needs are. Bathrobes are way more popular, but from the general perspective, Kigurumi is way more practical and has more potential uses, but how something less popular can be better? We will explain it, but let’s explain the basics for now.

What is Kigurumi?

Not a lot of people are interested in Japanese culture so it is understandable that you didn’t hear about it your whole life. To make it simple term Kigurumi comes from japan, and it is an uncommon type of clothing, especially in the United States.

It looks like a costume some people call it a onesie. It is very baggy and looks cozy, often it resembles some sort of animal or other popular things from Japan like pokemon. It is commonly known as a quick option to make a cosplay, and that is why you will often see people wearing Kigurumi at Japanese events.

Is Kigurumi better than a bathrobe?
Is Kigurumi better than a bathrobe?

It tends to be fluffy with a hoodie, also it will cover all of your body parts. Kigurumi often has some additional things attached to it, like horns on a hoodie or a fluffy tail on the back. It is hard to find a Kigurumi for an adult that will be simple and plain. Kigurumi is often worn by babies in The United States, as their parents find it very practical for them.

What is Kigurumi used for?

As we have previously said it is often used to make a cosplay, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for your next “anime event” and you are looking for a quick and easy solution then Kigurumi will be great!

Kigurumi is not only used for cosplays and it can be worn in public without hesitation, especially when you are near your home. On colder days there won’t be an issue to do some basic duties near your home, because it is very comfortable. So it will be even more comfortable than doing those duties while wearing a bathrobe, for many reasons but most important is here “Should I Wear Underwear Under A Robe?“.

Kigurumi is most often used as a normal pajama because it is very comfortable and cozy, but it will be useful only on colder nights because it is also very warm. People tend to wear Kigurumi the whole day while they are working from home, or just being too lazy to change into normal clothes.

Also, parents who prefer to make their baby look cute, often use Kigurumi, also due to the fact that it is very easy to dress the baby in it. Babies also often tend to like wearing them.

Why Bathrobes are worse than Kigurumi?

All we have said above is proof that Kigurumi can be very particular, but is it better than a bathrobe? Let’s point out everything that makes Kigurumi better than a bathrobe:

  • People hesitate less to wear Kigurumi in public rather than a bathrobe.
  • Kigurumi is warmer than a bathrobe.
  • Children and parents prefer to use Kigurumi rather than a bathrobe.
  • There are a lot fewer design patterns for bathrobes than it is for Kigurumi.

And what is on the side of bathrobes? Only the fact that it is easier and faster to put on your body, but that is often the most important factor why people prefer to wear bathrobes rather than Kigurumi. Also, it is hard to put on a onesie if you are older and not as flexible as you used to be.

There are many similarities like both are extremely cozy, both will keep you warm and you can use them both to sleep in. Some people are not liking the idea of wearing a onesie.

In summary – Is Kigurumi better than a bathrobe?

There are more similarities than you could think of. So don’t sell all of your robes based on our reasons, because the advantages of Kigurumi are not worth it if you only use a bathrobe after taking a shower.

So think twice about what you are using for your old robe and then decide if you would like to try something new, which we also highly recommend trying out new things! If you are curious how silly you will look in a Kigurumi then make sure to check out our new article about “Do Robes Look Silly? – (5 Facts About Robes You Didn’t Know)“.

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