Should I Post Pictures Of Myself Wearing A Bathrobe?

In 2022 social media are everywhere, and almost everyone has at least one app on his or her phone that could be called a social media app. The most popular like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook have something familiar and that is that you can create your own content which means that you can post your own pictures.

Taking pictures of yourself is not easy because it can give you a lot of potential troubles in the future, but also it can be a good way for you to become famous.

So you may ask “What to do to not cross the propriety line?” or “Should I post pictures of myself wearing a bathrobe?”, and in this article, we will focus mostly on cozy things that most women do pictures while they are posing in bathrooms or in bedrooms.

For now, let’s focus on the main topic question and say if posing in a bathrobe is appropriate? A lot of women do pose wearing a bathrobe and in general, taking pictures of yourself wearing a bathrobe is okay if done right. But unfortunately, often a lot of women do add some spice into it, simply by showing too much or posing in a spicy way. Also, some small details can ruin the shot, and we will talk about it right now.

What details should I use for my bathrobe?

If you would like to add some details for your boyfriend or only for you to see then you can go crazy, because no one will judge you, but if you decide to post some photos of you wearing that bathrobe there are certain details that you should avoid:

  • Stockings
  • Jewelry
  • Shirts under
  • Heels

Those are the most common things that women do like to add to their bathrobe photo sessions. Some of those things simply don’t come together very well and some are simply too much for a normal photo session.

Where should I post my bathrobe shots?

You should focus on social media that can bring you decent numbers of traffic because otherwise, you can just lose a lot of your precious time. The most popular platform to post bathrobe shots are:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

From all of the above, you should focus on Instagram and TikTok the most. Instagram is an old platform where you have a lot of potential viewers and stuff like posing wearing a bathrobe is totally a normal thing over there so no one will be mad at you.

Should I post pictures of myself wearing a bathrobe?
Should I post pictures of myself wearing a bathrobe?

TikTok is getting popular very quickly in 2022, but wearing a bathrobe on your TikToks can be something new for that type of audience, so it will be easier to sand out of the crowd and get popularity quicker than on Instagram but unfortunately, you can expect to get some negative comments about it.

Where can I pose while wearing a bathrobe?

If you live in an apartment or a house then you have a lot of places where bathrobes can shine. For example, you should try posing in bathrobes in:

  • Bathroom – Bathrobes are always connected to bathrooms, so it makes a lot of sense to pose there. Also, make sure to post unique pictures like laying in the bathtub wearing a bathrobe.
  • Bedroom – If you have a decent bed with nice bedding then you have everything, also you can pose in a bathrobe while doing your makeup, it is one of the most common shots.
  • Balcony – Balcony is great because that can make your pictures more real because you can show how beautiful your view from that balcony is or sometimes even city traffic will be a great background.
  • Terrace – A small addition of nature is always good in your shots, so posing while wearing a bathrobe on a terrace surrounded by nature will make a decent contrast.
  • Garden – Doing controversial things like posing in your garden while wearing a bathrobe will be something different. As we all know nature makes the most beautiful and easy backgrounds for photo sessions.

Our suggestion is to mix a common content like posing in a bathroom with something very uncommon like posing while wearing a bathrobe in public or as we have mentioned above in your garden.

In conclusion – Should I post pictures of myself wearing a bathrobe?

In general, bathrobes are great for posing, and also a lot of people have done it way back before the era of the internet and that is real proof that it works and is desirable.

If you want to get a lot of views then you have to do something that is not very common so try to be creative and make a session while wearing a bathrobe in some bizarre place like your garden or somewhere in the public.

Social media are growing every single day and if you don’t want to miss that opportunity then we highly suggest you check out our new article about social media and creating content based on bathrobes “Are Cute Bathrobes Trendy On Social Media?“.

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