Do You Wear Anything Under A Bathrobe? – (Underwear Under A Robe)

We all have days when we just want to sit down on a couch and watch TV or do anything that won’t require too much effort, and the best outfit for that is your robe! Especially if you have a bathrobe that is thick, warm, and cozy, then you can do the stuff that you want wearing the most comfortable outfit that has ever existed which is a robe, but there comes a question “Should I wear underwear under a robe?”. If you asked yourself this then don’t worry because we did the research for you, to make your lazy day even better.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t straightforward because it depends on a few factors of your daily life, but in most cases, you don’t want to wear underwear under a robe if it makes you feel less comfortable, but there are some things that you should be aware of to prevent any sad incidents.

When should I wear underwear under a robe?

The most important factor is your place of living, and we mean by that your home. If you are living alone, then not wearing underwear is totally fine, but if you are living with someone who is not used to seeing your body without underwear then it starts to get complicated.

This means that if you are living with your boyfriend or girlfriend then you can relax and just put the robe on your naked body, but if you are living with kids then you should definitely wear underwear just in case.

Also if you are expecting a visit from other people who will be staying in your home for a while then you should wear underwear to avoid any silly events.

Robes tend to have a soft belt which is not perfect in terms of strapping up your body, and often it gets loose as more you move, also it is similar for bathrobes. We bet that you don’t want to endanger yourself to be laughed at for this silly reason at your own house so for your and everyone else safety you should wear underwear while there are people nearby.

Why do people don’t like to wear underwear?

Most people consider underwear as uncomfortable, and that’s why when they are in their own houses they can do what they want, and it also includes removing most of the clothes that you have been wearing for a whole day.

You can often see this trend in movies when someone is coming back home and in a few seconds, he or she is already wearing a pajama or a robe. Underwear is often stuck in the crotch or pushes you from the one direction which is very uncomfortable.

Should I wear underwear under a robe?

The trend is not only in the movies and a lot of people get undressed quickly when they are stepping into their home. Think about yourself, you are most likely taking off your shoes, coat, hat, or anything else, but some people are taking this a step further because they believe that the less they have on themselves the more comfortable it feels.

How to make my robe more comfortable?

There is not a lot you can do to make your robe more comfortable except for one thing… Washing your robe after a long day wearing it will definitely make it cozier and more comfortable at least for a few hours.

You should think about the comfort of your robe before you buy it. Bathrobes are the most comfortable ones so if you want to buy them online you should check that category. Buying a one-size bigger robe can be a good idea if you want to increase your comfort.

They tend to be longer which means that they will reach below your knees and cover the almost full length of your legs, which is very desired, especially in winter.

In conclusion – Should I wear underwear under a robe?

As we have said a few paragraphs higher, it all depends on the people who are around you. If you are expecting guests or living with a big family then you should definitely wear underwear under a robe, but if you are living alone or just with your partner then wearing a robe without underwear is totally fine.

There are more things that you can do while wearing a robe, some people try to exercise but they don’t have enough power to change into a sports outfit and for that reason, we have created a great article about “Can I Wear A Robe While Exercising?“.

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