Can I Wear A Robe While Exercising?

Everyone has that one special day when you don’t want to do anything except laying on a couch, watching tv in your bathrobe, but what if your low motivation level will be enough to do your daily workout, that you have promised yourself. Maybe that exercise will take 100% of your power, and that means that you don’t have enough power want to change into a sports outfit, or you just want to save some time. That’s why some people ask “Can I wear a robe while exercising?”, or “Is it safe to wear a robe while working out?” those and many other questions we will answer in this article.

Our description above is mostly based on pure laziness, but there is a lot more to that topic than you could think of, we will talk about it later on, and for now, let’s focus on answering the title’s question. The answer is a bit complicated that’s why for now we will say that you can wear a robe while exercising but there are some risks and issues with this way, that’s why we will talk about them more.

Is being lazy dangerous?

Often when our brain wants to do something creative, but our body doesn’t have enough power to make that thing right, it can lead to some unfortunate events and even to an injury.

It’s mostly related to the fact that we think that it would be good for us to do something in this specific moment but our body isn’t ready for that yet. For example, after sleeping for many hours your body starts to get numb, and simple tasks like standing up or brushing teeth are very hard to accomplish without falling, due to your body state.

Being lazy is very similar to feeling asleep, your body simply isn’t ready to accomplish an easy task. It is also related to exercises, where you are doing strength training with weights. That can lead to a serious injury due to the weights falling out of your hands, or simply due to losing balance.

Why shouldn’t I exercise in a robe?

Besides the injuries that we have mentioned above, you should also not do this due to the fact that robes are not suitable for doing exercises. Robes tend to be long which can limit your mobility, also the belt can lead to painful incidents.

Also, robes, and especially bathrobes are thick which will make you feel warm very quickly, and after some minutes you are more likely to take your robe off, for that specific reason.

While you feel warm and do some exercises your body will start to sweat, and robes are created from materials that are very prone to catching up water, which will end up with your bathrobe stinking. So washing your robe after a few minutes of exercise will be necessary.

How can I exercise in a robe properly?

If you are sure about exercising in a robe you have to have in mind safety first. To not end up your 30 minutes of workout with arm pain, or broken feet.

Can I wear a robe while exercising?
Can I wear a robe while exercising?

Make sure that the belt isn’t going to be a problem, and if you can you should remove it for the time of exercise. Some robes do have an option to remove the belt but some have it attached permanently. Also, you should make sure to wash your robe after every exercise because that smell will make the rest of your day worse.

In summary – Can I wear a robe while exercising?

It is possible to wear almost anything while exercising but if your clothes are not suitable for your workout routine, then there is a higher chance of an injury. Wearing a bathrobe is somewhere in the middle of the safety range because there are way worse possible outfits that people still use for their training, but is it really worth trying out?

What is the point of taking risks other than pure laziness? If you really don’t want to change your workout outfit then have a safety first in your mind. If you want to know more about spending your all day in a robe without changing and why people are doing that, then check out our new article about “Why My Girlfriend Walks In Robe All Day? – (2022 Tips)“.

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