Can I Wear Robe In Public? – (Won’t Others Laugh?)

People who live in their own houses or people who simply have their own garden often tend to ask if they are allowed to go outside while wearing only a robe and slippers. There is also another type of people, people who love spending their time in a robe, and those people would gladly like to wear robe in public, but is that appropriate? Should they be ashamed? Don’t worry because no matter your case we will provide you with all the possible answers.

Let’s start with the general idea of wearing a robe in public, and answering the title’s question. Unfortunately in most places, it is inappropriate to wear a robe but there are some public places where you are totally allowed to wear a robe, but it all depends on what “public” means, so let’s dive into this a bit further.

Where wearing a robe is appropriate?

A lot of people are unaware of how much freedom they have in 2022. There is no restriction but the law that you can’t walk in public while wearing a robe or bathrobe, there is simply no fine for that.

So the law is not a problem here, but the people that surround us. People around you will start to look at you in a weird way, and even they can start to laugh, and for that reason, we have created this article to give you a list of places where no one will judge you for wearing a robe:

  • Home – Let’s start with the most obvious place which is your own home. If you live with people they will start to get used to your daily wearing, and finally, accept that as something normal. Also if you are living alone then that problem is gone, because no one will see you and wearing a robe in your own home is totally common, as we have proved many times on our site.
  • Terrace – There is nothing wrong with wearing a robe while doing something on your terrace because it is still your possession, and drinking a coffee or tea is a totally normal thing.
  • Balcony – Same as the terrace, but more people are likely to see you, but as we have mentioned before there is nothing wrong with it.
  • Garden – A lot of people are doing a thing like planting in their garden while wearing only slippers and a bathrobe. It is likely to get dirty, but who cares about that if the bathrobe is very cozy and warm, which makes it perfect for doing those types of stuff in your backyard. If you have a fence there is also a lower chance of anyone seeing you so don’t worry too much about it.
  • Places near your home – If you want to pick something from your mailbox or take out the trash then don’t worry because according to our recent polls there is a lot of people who are doing that and they consider it a totally normal thing. You don’t even have to limit yourself to your own possession, and if your neighbors have seen you a lot while wearing a robe they won’t be angry at you that you are taking your dog for a walk while wearing a bathrobe.

As you can see there is a lot of places that you can go with while wearing a robe, and also you can not limit yourself only to those above. If you have a small grocery store nearby and you know all of the possible people that will come there then you are free to go. Someone will most likely talk to you about it but that will be a pleasant chat rather than complaining.

Can I wear robe in public?
Can I wear robe in public?

But be aware that with every further location, and the fewer people you know that will be around the chances for that you will be laughed at, so be prepared if you want to try your luck. So we would only recommend you only try those 5 above from our list.

Should I be ashamed of my bathrobe?

People have a tendency to feel ashamed without a reason for it. You have to understand that others are busy with their own life, and they simply don’t care what you are wearing.

There is too much going on with everything in our lives, especially in 2022 so we should focus on those problems first and then care about other people’s problems. That’s why people don’t think about things that you are wearing, so don’t worry too much about it.

In summary – Can I wear robe in public?

Unless you are not showing too much of your body while wearing a robe in most states you won’t break a law so there won’t be a fine for that, but make sure if that’s also true for your state or country you are living in before trying it.

There is also an aspect of “shame” so we highly recommend you stick to the places that we have mentioned above so you won’t risk getting laughed at. If you want to know if your robe looks silly then check out our new article about “Do Robes Look Silly? – (5 Facts About Robes You Didn’t Know)“.

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