Why Are Most Bathrooms Tiled? – (Can I Use Panels Instead?)

As we grow older we start to notice some strange things that we missed while we were young for example “Why are most bathrooms tiled?”. If you think about it for a while then you notice that the rest of the house has wooden panels, carpets, or even some old floor covering, so why does only the bathroom needs to have tiles? Let us explain it in a detail.

The main difference between tiles and any other common flooring is that tiles are not getting damaged from contact with water. There are some other things that you can use for your bathroom as a substitute, but you have to be aware that even tiles won’t give you 100% of water protection. Also, there are worse things than water in your bathroom, but if you want to know more then we have prepared a few topics below.

Why do I need tiles in my bathroom?

Tiles are important in your bathroom because of their density. They are way denser than any type of wood to the point that water won’t get inside of the material, which will prevent damaging the material.

The bathroom is the one place inside your home that has many different connections to the water systems, no matter whether it is a small apartment or a big house you will going to need a toilet, a sink, a shower, or a bath. There are even more things there that are connected to water for example bidet or a washing machine and many more.

So as we have told you above, there is a high risk of getting wet while being in the bathroom, and not only you can get wet but also your floor, walls, and even ceiling. That’s why we tend to cover our bathroom’s floor and walls with tiles to protect them from the bathroom’s difficult conditions like steam, or wetness.

Is steam bad for my bathroom?

Steam and wetness are great for developing mold inside your bathroom because high temperature and wet conditions, and a small amount of dust are the main factors that will let mold develop.

Why are most bathrooms tiled?
Why are most bathrooms tiled?

The steam is generated by our shower and bathtubs, but even a small amount can be generated by your sink. That’s why some people place windows in their bathrooms to get rid of steam and wetness easier.

Steam is even worse because it can make a contact with your feeling easily, and the ceiling is not as protected as your floor and walls are, due to the tiles. We often don’t place tiles on the ceiling of our bathroom, but it is slowly changing.

Also, those conditions are not good for the clothes that you will have for a longer period of time stored in your bathroom like pajamas, bathrobes, and even towels.

Can I use something other than tiles for my bathroom?

In 2022 there are some good alternatives for your bathroom because we have developed them over time in a way to protect our bathroom from water and steam.

Here are some alternatives for tiles for your bathroom that will protect you from steam and wetness:

  • Acrylic panels
  • PVC panels
  • Marble
  • Stone resin

They all have their advantages and disadvantages but they all, unfortunately, will often be more expensive than old common tiles, but if you are looking for something modern then you should check them out.

What to avoid in designing a bathroom?

There are plenty of things that you should remember while designing your bathroom and we will point them all out but don’t worry because we won’t force you to change to the overall look that you have already imagined, but instead, we will give you tips to make your bathroom stay protected and clean.

You should avoid choosing materials that are not waterproof like wooden panels, or material covering. Also, think about a system of ventilation that will let you get rid of steam and wetness quickly. Don’t worry if you can’t place a window in your bathroom because we have a great article about it “Why There Are No Windows In Bathrooms?” so make sure to check it out.

Also, you should think about protecting your ceiling, also connections between tiles, they are called tile joints. Shower mount foam will connect your shower to the floor and walls so make sure to choose foam and joint that will be waterproof. You can also use silicon but consult it with your tiler first to pick what’s best.

In summary – Why are most bathrooms tiled?

Tiles are one of the most optimal options for most bathrooms because they are waterproof and relatively cheap in comparison to the alternatives that we have spoken about above.

Things like wood and covering or carpet are not suited for your bathroom because they will start to develop a mold even after a few weeks of use. Of course, you can still use them but be aware that you will need to take more care to protect those materials from any potential damage that water can do.

There are some wood stains that will protect your wooden panels, but you should consult with someone more experienced if that will be a good solution for your bathroom. If you want to get inspiration for your bathroom on social media, then you should definitely check out this article “Are Cute Bathrobes Trendy On Social Media?“.

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