Why Do People Wear Robes At Home? – (How Popular It Is?)

People tend to be lazy and that’s why they are looking for ways to make their life easier. There is a special place for every one of us, a place that we can call home, where we can do whatever we want without permission or ask anyone about anything because who else can see you other than you yourself. First let’s answer the topic’s question which is “Why do people wear robes at home?”, let’s find out the reason.

More than 90% of people who wore a robe at least once can easily say that they are comfortable, but there are way more reasons why they are wearing them so often, and we will talk about them later on. Also, some will even say that they are more comfortable than casual pajamas, but why they are doing it so often?

Is robe comfortable?

There are many different robe types but the one thing that connects them all is being cozy. Every bathrobe should be cozy, warm, and long to cover all of your body parts. A perfect bathrobe should not pressure any of your body parts, also be fast and easy to put on.

The robe can be made of a few materials like:

  • Satin
  • Turkish cotton
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Terry cloth
  • Fleece
  • Silk
  • Cotton waffle weave
  • Micro plush

Some of those are cheaper than others, but if you prefer a plushy, warm bathrobe then you should pick one made of silk, micro plush, Egyptian cotton, or Turkish cotton.

How popular is wearing a robe at home?

We recently did the research for statistics on how many people are willing to wear robes at home, but unfortunately, not many studies have talked about it, that’s why we decided to create our own research, and ask our audience about it. So we have created a poll on our site to determine how often and how popular wearing a robe at home really is.

We added the results from our poll to the data that we have gathered from other studies and that’s how we came to the conclusion that more than 90% of people who wore a robe at least once are finding them comfortable.

But unfortunately, not a lot of people are wearing them very often. We separated the data into 5 different sections, and then assigned the people percentages to it:

  • Wearing a robe once a day – Around 3,8%
  • Wearing a robe once a week – Around 18,4%
  • Wearing a robe once a month – Around 41,9%
  • Wearing a robe once a year – Around 26,7%
  • Not wearing a robe – Around 9,1%

We considered “Often” as at least once a week so that gives us about 21,8% percent of people, so it’s not so very common.

Why do people wear robes at home?
Why do people wear robes at home?

But from our research, we came to a conclusion that year over year more people start to wear robes at home, especially due to the situation that happened in 2020 that forced people to work from home. Since then that percentage has drastically increased.

That means that slowly more people are getting aware that bathrobes are the perfect outfit for working from home! No one will judge you at your own home, so you should wear whatever you think is comfortable, and that happened that a bathrobe is very comfortable.

In conclusion – Why do people wear robes at home?

People are wearing robes because they consider them to be comfortable, cozy, and warm. Also, you should not feel ashamed that you are wearing a bathrobe in your home, because that’s your home and if that makes you happy then you should definitely do this!

Note that bathrobes are slowly getting more popular in 2022 overtime, and more people find them comfortable for their daily home duties or even as a suit to work from home! If you are interested whenever you should sleep in your bathrobe then make sure to check out this article about “Is Sleeping In a Robe Safe? – (How Popular Is That?)“.

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