Why My Pet Eats Bath Bubbles? – (Is It Safe?)

There are not a lot of people who would dislike having a nice bubble bath in the evening. Especially if we are doing them with someone who we truly love. When you are already living together then there is a chance that you have a pet, and no matter if it is a cat or dog there is a high chance that your pet will be walking nearby your bathtub while you will be having a bubble bath.

It is also possible that your pet would like to join you if he or she likes water as well and there is nothing wrong with that, but what if your pet eats bath bubbles? When your pet is not trained then it is hard to make him or her stop doing that, but is that even an issue? Should you prevent your pet from eating bath water? Don’t worry because we will explain it all to you in a detail.

Unfortunately, there can be many potential problems if you won’t prevent your pet from doing that. So you should definitely prevent your pet from eating bath bubbles or drinking bath water, to keep him safe. Otherwise, you can endanger your favorite pet, but we will talk about it later because first, we need to learn why your pet is doing that.

Why my pet is eating bath bubbles?

Dogs and cats are very attracted to everything that is shiny, and if you look closely at bubbles they are very shiny, slowly popping, nice smell, move on the water and even make a quiet popping sound when disappearing.

Those facts are making bubbles very attractive things to any animal because they are curious to check what it is. They also think about bubbles as something that is harmless so they start to touch them with their paws and then they are trying to lick them.

Pets often don’t instantly rush towards bubbles but they are slowly approaching and it takes time for them to try how bubbles taste. They are many shampoos for kids that are made only from organic ingredients that are safe to eat, and they should be better for your pet but we still don’t recommend for your pet to eat any type of bubbles.

Why my pet is drinking bath water?

Drinking bathwater is often connected with bath bubbles, as we have mentioned before they are very attractive for pets, but even when all bubbles are gone your pet is very likely going to drink water from your bath.

Bath water has a nice smell, and attractive color for your pet, which makes it worth testing out how it tastes at least your dog or cat thinks that.

What can happen to my pet after drinking bath water?

After drinking bath water your pet will provide its organism with toxins that will be needed to be removed. Dogs tend to have a stronger digestive system than cats which makes them less likely to have stomach aches or diarrhea.

Why my pet eats bath bubbles?
Why my pet eats bath bubbles?

So be prepared that your pupil will have less appetite after drinking bath water also if it is a dog you will need to take him for a walk more often, and if it is a cat then you will need to clean his litter box more often.

What to do if my pet drank bath water?

If your dog or cat is struggling very much and looks like it need help then you should immediately consult with your local vet, because maybe your pet will need to take some pills or injections to remove toxins from his or her body.

But the above case applies only if your pet drank a lot of your bath water and also if that water had a lot of chemicals in it like shampoo, conditioners, gel, and any form of dirt that you have cleaned from your body while bathing.

In most cases, your pet will simply have a few hours of stomach aches, and after one poop it should get back to normal, so stay with your pupil and watch closely if it needs your help.

In Summary – Why my pet eats bath bubbles?

It is not very uncommon for pets to eat bath bubbles and drink bath water so don’t panic, and try to stop your pupil from doing that. If your pet has not drank a lot then it should be safe, but if you can notice that he or she starts to struggle after drinking it then you should consult with a vet immediately.

We recently have talked about a similar topic but from the perspective of humans, what drinking bath water can do to their bodies, so if you are curious then make sure to check out this article “Is Bathtub Water Safe To Drink? – (What To Do If I Did?)“.

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