Why Robes Are So Expensive?

If you have never owned a robe before then after a few minutes of searching in your local mall for a nice robe you can understand that some robes are so expensive. Some people think that they are supposed to be modest because they are designed for only poor monks but that’s not true. There are a lot of different types of robes, for different prices, and in this article, we will tell you why robes are so expensive and how to find robes that are way cheaper.

You have to know that “Robe” is a very broad term, and most of those “Robes” are very cheap but some unfortunately are expensive. It depends on what you exactly mean by a robe. Don’t worry because we will tell you how to make your next shopping less expensive.

What robes are expensive?

Let’s start with things that can make you realize if your robe is one of those more expensive. No matter if you are purchasing it from a mall or from an internet marketplace, you probably won’t find any robes that are cheaper than 10 USD. So don’t expect miracles, and even with discounts, you won’t reach that price.

The most expensive types of robes are:

  • Indian robes – In many countries of Asia there is a culture to wear a fancy robe for their daily routine, and those are often the most expensive. They often have bright colors like orange, gold, yellow and they have a lot of extras like tassels.
  • SPA robes – Some SPAs need to have a special type of robe specially designed for their needs like massages or to not get wet too quickly. So if you need some robes for your SPA then be aware that they can cost a lot more than normal ones.
  • Microfiber robes – Microfiber robes are designed for being waterproof, so you often will need one of them when visiting a swimming pool. Microfiber is commonly known to be more expensive.
  • Cotton and terry robes – Terry and cotton are great if you like super soft robes. They are often called bathrobes, and they are less expensive than the rest above. Cotton and terry robes will last through many wash cycles and are very durable.

How to buy a robe cheaper?

Not many people know that but in 2022 the prices are way higher in local shops than you can find online. You can think that in a local store they should be cheaper because you won’t pay for the delivery but even if you add delivery to the online price it will be cheaper to buy your desired robe from amazon or other online marketplaces.

Why robes are so expensive?
Why robes are so expensive?

But why is that? Local stores don’t have a lot of competition nearby, but online there is a lot of competition because in a matter of a few seconds you can check other listings or check other sites that will provide you with cheaper prices for your product.

There is a high chance that you will be able to find a discount for robes on sites that are talking about the products you are looking for, like this one. Homerobe is a great place if you are looking for good discounts so make sure to check other pages from our site to find the most relevant discounts.

In summary – Why robes are so expensive?

There are some robes that are very expensive, but fortunately for us most of the robes are cheap. If the robe that you are looking at is expensive then check out our tips that we have mentioned above to not overpay for that robe. Buying online will let you save some money so don’t overpay if you don’t need to.

If you are not sure if you are looking for a good type of robe then make sure to check out our guide where you will learn which type of robe will suit your needs the best “Can I Wear A Robe While Exercising?“.

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