Why There Are No Windows In Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are great places to think because no one will try to disturb you, and that is why some of us try to spend a lot of time in those places. Also, that makes it harder for us when it comes to designing our bathrooms, because how should They look to give us the most satisfaction and comfort. What is important to have in the bathroom? Can I have no windows in the bathroom? Are bathrooms without windows unhealthy? Those are the most frequent questions asked when it comes to projecting bathrooms, so let’s talk about all of them.

Before we will give you more detailed answers let’s talk about windows in bathrooms in short. If there are no windows in the bathroom then that means that you are most likely living in an apartment, because it is easier to project those without having a window. To understand it we will need to explain something about home design first.

Can I have no windows in the bathroom?

When you are living in a house it is a very common thing to have a window in your bathroom, because while looking at a blueprint of your house you can notice that you have more space that can be connected to the outside of your house.

But unfortunately, if you are living in an apartment or in a condominium then your apartment will have only one or two walls that will be connected to the outside world which means fewer windows overall for the same size of the house. To make it even more clear, some of your apartment walls will be connected to your neighborhoods, which will prevent putting a window on that wall.

There is nothing wrong with having no windows in the bathroom, and even it is a very common thing. But you have to notice that when you have no windows in your bathroom then you most likely have some sort of ventilation connected to that room because it is very important for a room that will get wet, or steamy very often like the bathroom is.

Why do we need windows in our houses?

Windows are very important because if you open them they will provide you with proper ventilation, and when you chose to close them they will isolate your house from the outside environment like stormy weather or rain.

Some windows when closed will provide your house with a low level of airflow, which will let you breathe fresh air. Make sure to check out if your windows have that system built-in, it is often an oblong thing on the top of your window, and that can be easily regulated and even closed entirely.

Can I have no windows in the bathroom?
Can I have no windows in the bathroom?

Also, the main purpose of windows is to be transparent and let you see what going on outside of your house. That’s why people chose to have bigger windows especially pointing to their gardens. Windows will also make your house illuminated in the daytime.

Are bathrooms without windows unhealthy?

Your bathroom needs a way to ventilate itself. Bathrooms tend to be steamy and wet which can be hard to overcome, that’s why windows are great because you can open them and it will make your bathroom dry again.

When your bathroom is wet there is a potential risk of mold showing up in the places that are most often wet. Those places are often near your bathtub and shower. You can even expect mold to show up on your walls.

We all know that mold is something that is unhealthy for our bodies so we should avoid breathing in the air that had a contact with a mold. A good ventilation system for your bathroom is the best way to prevent mold from appearing.

Even your clothes that are regularly hanging out in your bathroom like bathrobes, underwear, and even towel can start to stink and even to the point of mold appearing on them.

In conclusion – Why there are no windows in bathrooms?

As we have mentioned above if you don’t have any windows in your bathroom then that means that you are most likely living in a condominium or an apartment. When a bathroom has its own window then it is most likely to be in a normal house where is more space to place windows on the walls.

A proper ventilation system can be a substitute for the lack of windows so remember that windows are not required for the proper airflow.

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